The Best 5 Baby-Safe Products

As we near the end of September, which focused on Baby Safety and well being – a topic that should always be highlighted year round.

As parents and caregivers, we do everything we can to ensure that harm is out of our way! Let’s face it: babies get into everything! Luckily, some products can make your job a bit easier.

To recap the importance of Baby Safety month, we’ve created a list of some of our favourite safety products.

The Shrunks Inflatable Bed

The day will come where your little one INSISTS that he/she is ready for a “big kid bed”. The Shrunks Inflatable Bed is the perfect way to meet your child in the middle!

Let them upgrade to a big kid bed without the worry of them rolling out of it in their sleep! The slim design allows the bed rail to slip under any fitted sheet. It includes a foot pump and carrying bag!

BONUS: It’s 100% BPA, phthalates and lead SAFE!

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Motorola Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale

From birth, your baby’s weight is important!

With the Motorola Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale, it’s easier to measure your baby’s growth and development at home! With Bluetooth connectivity, you can track mom’s and baby’s weight history with the Hubble app! This scale is easy to use and make sure you and your little one are on track!

The Motorola Scale is a part of the Motorola Smart Nursery-System! It works with the Smart Nursery 7, Camera, Dream Machine and Humidifier Plus!

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Bebefolie Baby Cooling Mat

You can buy the one fit for a carrier or a stroller! This cooling mat will allow you to enjoy a hot summer’s day without worrying that your little tyke will overheat.

The Bebefolie cooling mat has a gel that absorbs excess heat from your little one’s body and provides a continuous cooling sensation. This incredible technology will regulate baby’s body temperature while you enjoy the sun!

Shop the cooling mat for carriers:

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bbluv Kräb

The Kräb is a 3-in-1 thermometer and bath toy! Submerge the Kräb in the water to ensure bath time is safe. The gadget will alert you if the bath temperature is too hot or cold.

Leave the Kräb in the water for your little one to play with during bath time!

Shop the Kräb here:

Oxo Tot Grape Cutter

Don’t make the mistake of giving your baby full-sized grapes. It’s important to cut everything down to bite-sized pieces. The Oxo Tot Grape Cutter will do that for you in one easy swipe!

Shop the Oxo Tot here:

Bblüv Üvi 4-in-1 Portable Pacifier & Nipple Sterilizer

Say goodbye to harmful germs with the bblüv Üvi Sterilizer! The Üvi uses efficient technology that eliminates germs from the products your baby uses the most! It’s easy, convenient, and portable!

Shop the Üvi here:

Let’s make Baby Safety Month… every month!

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Stay Safe,

Kid Monet