Willa Walker

Willa Walker


Willa Walkers make a baby’s world bigger! They are are made from sustainable hardwood and hand sanded smooth. They are finished with organic coconut oil, because a baby product deserves nothing less than a food grade finish. Willa Walkers are super light and fit easily into a bag or purse. They are guaranteed to bring joy to your baby, while saving you from some pain in your back!

For each Willa Walker sold, Willa Walker plants TEN TREES and contribute to educating kids about the importance of our OCEANS.



How and when to use the Willa Walker:

Once your baby is in ‘cruising mode’ when they like to be on 2 feet, but can’t quite without holding on to something; go get your WW. Start with your toddler in a sitting position and hold the WW so that she can grip the rings. Once she has a firm grip, slowly lift the handle, so that your baby can PULL HERSELF UP to a standing position. While standing always hold the Willa Walker such that your CHILD’S ELBOWS ARE BELOW THEIR SHOULDERS. This ensures that you are not stressing their little joints. Never yank up on the WW. Never pull up so your child’s feet leave the ground. The WW is not intended to support the full weight of the child. Your child should be SUPPORTING THEIR OWN WEIGHT at all times, just using the Willa Walker to help with balance.

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