Domino Junior Friends Delux


Domino Junior Friends Delux

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A fun and interactive game for the whole family with a spin on the classic Dominos. Get ready for fun of Tyrannosaurus proportions with Domino Junior! The stunt dominoes have been reengineered to allow for easier set up for little hands. Set up is no problem with the easy-to-use domino spacer tool. Add in your dino friends to create cool chain reaction stunts! The included 100 dominoes and 3 dino stunts provide endless fun for kids ages 4 and up.

Game Contents

  • 1 Green Dino, 1 Yellow Dino, 1 Orange Dino
  • 1 Palm Tree Coconut Stunt
  • 1 Domino Spacer Tool
  • 100 High-Quality, Vibrant Colored Dominos
  • Complete Instructions

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