Baubles + Soles Umi The Unicorn Bauble

Baubles + Soles Umi The Unicorn Bauble


Bauble: a small trinket or treasure

The interchangeable baubles are cute, fun and easy to use. The patent-pending insert-and-twist lock mechanism can withstand a 30 lb. (13kg) pull-force and requires two steps to disengage, making the baubles safe and secure for precious little soles.

The method for attaching our baubles is very similar to putting on a child-proof medicine cap. It takes a little practice, but it keeps our little safe.

Use the shoe baubles to style different outfits and occasions. After all, little soles will change, but baubles are forever.

B+S suggests wiping down your baubles with a warm wash cloth to keep them looking beautiful and new.  Also,  use wet wipes as an easy way to clean our baubles.

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About Baubles + Sole: The founders have spent the last decade advocating to protect and educate street-working children and their families. They donate a portion of our profits to support Senhoa Foundation in their efforts to protect those most at risk of exploitation.

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